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Wardah Colorfit Quad Eye Palette: Perfect Your Everyday Makeup Look!

September 25, 2023

As the pandemic comes to an end, many people are returning to their regular activities outside the home. Everyone desires to look beautiful and charming, right? To help you perfect your everyday makeup look, Wardah presents the Colorfit Quad Eye Palette.

Types of Eyeshadows for Everyday Makeup

Eyeshadows suitable for everyday makeup include:

1. Matte Eyeshadow: These do not contain glitter or shimmer particles, providing a soft and natural look on the eyelids.

2. Shimmer Eyeshadow: These contain fine glitter particles, adding a sparkling effect to the eyelids, enhancing dimension, and providing a radiant look.

3. Satin Eyeshadow: A combination of matte and shimmer that offers a subtle look with a lighter shimmer effect compared to shimmer eyeshadows.

4. Cream Eyeshadow: Cream or gel-based eyeshadows are easy to apply and offer intense results, perfect for long-lasting everyday looks.

5. Powder Eyeshadow: The most common and widely used type, easy to apply and adjustable in intensity to suit your preferences.

6. Liquid Eyeshadow: Liquid in form and often containing strong pigments, suitable for bold and expressive looks.