Wardah for the world

The biggest beauty brand from Indonesia that was formulated through extensive research, with high quality ingredients supported by technology that continues to innovate, by collaboration between local and global experts to continue creating quality products for all women, Brave Beauties, to continue spreading goodness through their beauty.


Brand Essence

Wardah encourages every woman to bravely move and express her own beauty, to bring benefits to those around her.



Our Purpose

Wardah liberate women by giving you the courage to start anything out of your comfort zone, to reach self-fulfillment, to voice out your aspirations, to let go of your personal doubt, and to embrace criticism, as long as it’s for the usefulness of others.

Brave Beauties

Whatever they do is driven by common aspiration to reach self-fulfillment by being useful for others; humanity and environment. Brave Beauties of the world who are as beauty conscious as they are socially aware. And whether they're actively involved or prefer an easier route, they all desire to make a positive impact.

Beauty to Inspire

They are the women who express their beauty boldly, with an attitude that brings beautiful impact for those around them. They are driven by their passion of being useful for others, for humanity, and for environment. They believe that by using their beauty, their voices can be heard loudly and their actions can be taken seriously. They are the beauty agent of change, who inspires and moves people heart to do the greater good.

Brave Beauties

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