Women Inspiration

You're Invited! Be the Brave Beauties through Beauty Moves You!

September 25, 2023

Wardah has successfully introduced a new dimension of beauty for Indonesian muslim women. This preferred cosmetics brand among Indonesian women recognizes that significant change can come from women. Therefore, Wardah unveils its new face through Beauty Moves You.

This movement encourages women in Indonesia to progress continuously and make meaningful changes in their surroundings. These agents of change have a name of their own, known as Brave Beauties.

What are Brave Beauties?

Brave Beauties is a call to the women who dare to create change and contribute in various ways to their environment. Their actions start with small yet consistent steps, allowing the benefits to gradually be felt by their surroundings. These inspirational Brave Beauties are here to realize the new face of Wardah, known as Beauty Moves You.